What is Reminder?

Have you ever forgot an appointment, business meeting, somebody’s birthday, anniversary, or missed a favorite TV show or gym hours? Ever punched your head having realized what time it is? We certainly have, and that’s why we have made this program to solve our own problems. We hope that it will solve yours too.

No more asking yourself what else needs to be done when your memory fails. Time is ticking away, and thanks to Murphy’s Law it is usually too late when you remember what you needed to do. You will be reminded for every single task that you want to schedule, whether you are sitting in front of your desktop PC or laptop, or just hear your Timex Data Link Watch beeping.

Reminder will help you to change your life, and make you a caring person in other’s eyes. Everyone around you will notice this change, and will be glad to learn that you don’t forget things they care about.

You can use it to do something on particular time. If there is an event for you to notice, during windows boot you see Viewer form that displays list of today’s and upcoming events with their alarm times and level of importance. If today’s event has an alarm, depending on alarm action settings for that event, you can be warned at specified time with a multimedia popup message. The best place for synoptical view of all events in a month is a Calendar.

Reminder’s power lies in events, specially designed objects that are made for easy manipulation no matter how complex is their triggering interval. Events have powerful edit masks that help you input your schedules in seconds. Really! It takes less than 10 seconds to make a simple event that reminds you on someone’s birthday, but you will not need more time to make very complex events. Imagine this… You want to create an event that reminds you to go to karate training every Tuesday and Thursday at 19h with alarm set at 18h (10 seconds), or you want to be reminded forth 5 days that on last Sunday in October you need to adjust clock for daylight savings time and you want alarm only on Sunday at 23h (also 10 seconds). How will it remind you in this case? Well, on every windows boot from Tuesday to Sunday Viewer will show this event. On Tuesday it says that you have 5 days before this event comes, on Wednesday it says 4 days, on Thursday 3 days, on Friday 4, Saturday 5, and finally on Sunday it says that event is today and you can expect popup alarm message at 23h. You can set alarm action settings for each event individually. You can set various actions to occur when alarm triggers. For example, switch popup alarm message on/off, play sound or any other multimedia file that can be played with Windows Media Player.

Our plans for future development are big but depend entirely on your support, so if you like Reminder and use it, please register it. With registering, you will speed up publishing new versions of Reminder, and wait less for new features like sending free GSM mobile phone message, sending E-mail over your Internet connection, calling phone number with your voice modem and playing prerecorded voice message (standard WAV file) and many more things that are not yet available but under development. For latest version of Reminder visit us on the Internet at our World Wide Web presentation.