ET Beep

ET Beep v1.31 is a free beeper and alarm program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It’s an addon for ET Reminder but it doesn’t need ET Reminder to work.

ET Beep

ET BEEP adds simple sounds to your favorite programs (which must be able to start external programs). Sound is always played through internal pc speaker. Appliance is in all sort of reminders, schedulers, e-mail notifiers, after long backups… Even if your favorite software can play WAV file through your sound card, you can choose ET BEEP because internal pc speaker is always on. You can change default parameters with built in BEEP EDITOR and easily make “alien sounds”, “birds”, “machine guns”… That way you can create your personal sound, and never ever wonder what pc made a sound in an office filled with computers. It’s very easy to make alarms with countdown timer in BEEP ALARM, or access all modules from tray icon in BEEP TRAY. One of the best features is that created sound is the same on all versions of Windows (9x, ME, NT, 2K, XP). Other comparable products don’t even work on all windows versions

Version history:

1.31 – Added “Copy to” function (now different sounds can be used in same application).
1.30 – Added custom popup alarm message to BEEP ALARM.
1.21 – Added BEEP TRAY with access to all modules from tray icon.
1.20 – Added BEEP ALARM to beep after timer countdown.
1.10 – Added BEEP EDITOR for visual changing of beep algorythm parameters.
1.02 – English interface. First public version.
1.01 – Added support for Win9x/Me.
1.00 – First internal NT/2K/XP version.

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