Encode Team Reminder

Encode Team Reminder

Encode Team Reminder v1.2.0.51, is a shareware schedule program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP that reminds you on important dates and events in your business and private life.

Encode Team Reminder will help you to change your life, and make you a caring person in other’s eyes. Everyone around you will notice this change, and will be glad to learn that you don’t forget things they care about.

Have you ever forgot an appointment, business meeting, somebody’s birthday, anniversary, or missed a favorite TV show or gym hours? Ever punched your head having realized what time it is? We certainly have, and that’s why we have made this program to solve our own problems. We hope that it will solve yours, too. No more asking what else needs to be done when your memory fails. Time is ticking away, and thanks to Murphy’s Law it is usually too late when you remember what you needed to do. You will be reminded for every single task that you want to schedule, whether you are sitting in front of your desktop PC or laptop, or just hear your Timex┬« Data Link Watch beeping.

Main features in ET Reminder include:

  • Visual Calendar with important events displayed in different colors
  • Scheduling events that occur only once (business meeting, a date, see the dentist…)
  • Scheduling events that happen on regular bases, for example once a month or yearly (birthday, anniversaries, taxes, rent payment…)
  • Scheduling events that happen on a specific day of a week (Monday, Tuesday…) and that week is at a specific place in a month (every week, first, second, last…). Examples are numerous: watching your favorite TV show on Saturday and Sunday, wake up every morning on working days in working months, buy a magazine each Wednesday…
  • Scheduling events that happen in regular intervals every n days with starting and ending date (replacing eye lenses every 5 days, regular check-ups at your doctor’s…)
  • On every start of Windows operating system you are notified about upcoming events
  • Each event may have an alarm action, like showing multimedia popup alarm message (with text, sound, video…) or execute any program
  • Make a simple diary by entering all important events in your life
  • Various powerful reports about your events database
  • Export events to Timex┬« Data Link Watch (in order to be reminded without a computer)
  • NEW! With ET Beep you can use internal pc speaker (which is always on) for alien like sounds in alarms. It works on all windows versions!
  • IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE if you do not need more than 10 events !!! Yes, it means that you have unlimited trial period and software will never cease functioning.

Download ET Reminder NOW !!!