Conscientious, detail oriented, experienced software and hardware developer seeking a permanent job, contract, or remote programming. Looking forward to work for a firm that has a strong sense of unity and purpose. Willing and able to relocate.

Everyday Programming Tools:
  • Borland Delphi Win32 & .NET (Oracle, Interbase, Firebird, MySQL, Sybase, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IB Manager, Apollo, Paradox, Model Maker, CDK, ERwin, Intraweb, Smart SCADA)
  • Kylix, GNU C/C++ (Linux)
  • Pocket Studio, PDA Toolbox (Palm)
  • Visual CE (Pocket PC)
  • E-Lab AVRco Multitasking Pascal (Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC micro controllers)
  • PLC IEC 61131-3 Simatic Step 7 Professional (Ladder, FBD, ST, CFC)
  • SCADA (WinCC, InTouch, PcVue, Citect, Smart SCADA)

    OOP, Component building, ActiveX, DirectX, API, COM/DCOM, RDBMS, SQL, VB/Java Script, HTML, CGI, ASP, ISAPI, DDE, OLE, OPC, SCADA/HMI, TCP/IP, PLC, ModBus, ProfiBus, Fins, RS232/485, SMS, PDA, Pascal, C/C++, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, xBase, Ladder, FBD, SCL, CFC, Assembler (Intel, Motorola, Z80, AVR)

    Software Proficiency:
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP/2K3, Dos, Unix, Linux, Novel Netware, Macintosh  
  • Networking: Microsoft Windows NT/2K/2K3 Server, Novel Netware Server, Dos & Windows Clients, IIS, Exchange Server, Mail Daemon, WinGate
  • Web Design and Graphics: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere, 3D Max, Corel Draw
  • Audio: Sound Forge, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Mad Tracker
  • Other Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, Visio, Symantec pcAnywhere, Ghost, Power Quest Partition Magic, Drive Image

    Hardware proficiency:
  • PLCs (Siemens Simatic S5 115 and S7 300 & 400, Alstom 80-35, ICCE iPC32)
  • Embedded applications with Atmel and Microchip micro controllers - independent, or monitored and controlled by PC).
  • PC Hardware (assembling computers, servicing and diagnosing)
  • PC UTP/BNC/Wi-Fi Networking (my biggest net till now has 52 computers)  

    Published articles:
  • "Magic Key" - Svet Kompjutera
  • "Time, attendance and access control" - eMagazin
  • "Mobile computing, barcodes and RFID" - Internet Mirror Magazine

    Language fluency:
  • English (fluent)
  • Serbian (native)
  • Russian (medium)

  • Basketball
  • Karate
  • ET Reminder (shareware)
  • Embedded devices

  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Astronomy
  • Chess

    Other important things:
  • Happily married
  • Proud father of twins
  • Friendly
  • Non-smoker

    Zeljko Avramovic (1971)

    Address: Pohorska 26, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

    Mobile Phone: +381 63 8330 698

    E-Mail: avra AT ptt DOT rs


    2004 - NOW    US STEEL Serbia
    PLC and SCADA consultant

    Consulting services concerning Siemens, Omron and Alstom industrial programmable logic controllers, field equipment and SCADA software. Modification of PLC (Siemens, Alstom) and SCADA (WinCC, PcVue, InTouch) software. Development of Windows OPC and TCP/IP server in Delphi which reads/writes tags in PcVue SCADA via DDE protocol (needed for Linux and Windows clients to exchange data with SCADA because this version did not support OPC communication). Development of Linux TCP/IP tag servers in GNU C for Siemens S7 and Omron PLCs via PLC ethernet modules (Siemens TCP/IP ISO protocol and Omron UDP Fins protocol). Development of C++ TCP/IP clients for data acquisition of PLC data to Oracle and PostgreSQL. Development of TCP/IP tag servers for data acquisition of MinTherm, DXF351 and Honeywell DPR3000 devices via RS232/485. Representing US Steel interests by supervision of modernizations of steel shop Caster Plant and Blast Furnace. Modification of Blast Furnace PLC software written in Simatic STEP 7 SCL and CFC.
    Contact person: Christian Holliday
    Contact phone: +381 64 XXX XXX

    2003 - 2004    SPICA Center
    Product manager, architect, software developer

    Development of bussines solutions using automatic identification and data collection. Time and attendance and access control system (ID unit firmware and part of Windows software in Delphi), mobile sales force automation system (Palm programming) with bar code enabled handheld devices, warehouse automation system (bar code enabled wireless Pocket PC handheld runs web server application developed in Intraweb for Delphi), and custom hardware device and firmware for a gateway between devices that talk diferent communication protocols (Atmel AVR microcontroller and E-Lab AvrCo Multitasking Pascal compiler). Development of data acquisition, monitoring, trending and visualisation software with production reports for AGROMATIC ACU200 and ACU993 dampening systems for controlled water addition, control and measurement in mills and silos.
    Contact person: Darko Korac
    Contact phone: +381 11 3247 995

    1998 - 2003   ICCE - Industrial Computer Control Engineering
    Senior Software Engineer (project leader, architect, software developer, SCADA and PLC programmer)

    Leading a team of 3 programmers developing 8 major products. All 8 of the product development projects came in on time, at or under budget, and met or exceeded all quality metrics. Projects covered industrial automation, design and implementation of SCADA and PLC software/hardware solutions, which included programming process control, monitoring, data acquisition, embedded applications and recipe system (Delphi, Interbase SQL server, MS SQL Server, Sybase, SmartSCADA, AVRco, Siemens WinCC and Braumat, Simatic S5 and S7 PLC, iPC32 PLC). All database modelling was done in ERwin. The last finished Delphi project included process control, monitoring, data acquisition, realtime 8 channel display, simulation, alarms, and analysis of various field devices that send measured values (like temperature, weight, humidity, throughput, pressure...) via RS232/485 and TCP/IP communication. These were the plants: FAM KRUSEVAC - Serbian oil industry (the biggest, with more than 2500 tags), BIP - Belgrade beer factory, SFS - Serbian glass factory, JABUKA - Factory of fowl food, VZZ - Veterinary institute Zemun, CARNEX - Food factory Vrbas, RUMA GUMA - Motor vehicle tires factory, and VULKAN - Rubber products factory. Development of OPC server software (OLE/COM/DCOM) for iPC32 PLC, and software/hardware for infra red remote control of PLC and PC. MODBUS protocol implementation for E-Lab's AVRco Embedded Pascal (ordered by E-Lab itself).
    Contact person: Dejan Gunjic
    Contact phone: +381 64 111 3620

    1997 - 1998   IMTEL Computers (Institute for Microwave Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers)
    Delphi teacher, PC service center technician

    Hardware assembling of hundreds of PC computers, testing and servicing. Many network installations (Windows NT server & Netware). Becoming "IMTEL Official Delphi Course Teacher" and teaching course attenders Delphi. Developed PC <=> GSM SMS Gateway software (Mobile Short Message Service) for the needs of client's mail server and paging employees (done in Delphi, used single dedicated mobile phone).
    Contact person: Milan Pejicinovic
    Contact phone: +381 63 8512 755

    1997 - 1997   Jugobanka
    Network technician

    Intranet and internet from bottom to top for 52 computers in a 4 floors city bank: making holes in walls, putting plastic channels for wires, cabling, connecting, networking, setting NT server, router, 3 hubs, leased line connection to internet provider, and setting up clients for banking software, internet browsing, mail and news. Also setting up Microsoft Exchange server, news and mail for company needs. Internet and network administration and security.
    Contact person: Marko Presburger
    Contact phone: +381 11 673 226

    1993 - 1996   TV Politika
    Database programmer, Computer animator & postproduction technician

    Maintaining existing Fox Pro database and network clients. Realized several projects with Delphi/BDE that fit into existing system (Salaries, TV Cassettes, Broadcast Scheduler, Program Planner and Shift Manager). Done many computer 2D/3D animations with postproduction and montage in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Autodesk 3D Studio. Postproduction of three music spots.
    Contact person: Zeljko Novitovic, chief of computer section
    Contact phone: +381 64 170 8989

    1992 - 1993   Micro Bussines
    Database programmer

    Several projects in CA Clipper and Turbo C (Storehouse, Video Club, Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager, Cataloguer, Exchange Market, Book Keeper, Drug Store).
    Contact person: Ilija Lukic, director
    Contact phone: +381 64 1270 319

    1990 - 1991   Army served


    2003   Wireless network site survey course certified by Symbol Technologies

    1985 - 1989   VI Beogradska Matematicka Gimnazija
    High school graduate

    Theory and practice in modern computer languages, database design and networking. Learned Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, Assembler and dBase. General and applied mathematics and physics.